Sexy Girls. Small Bikinis. Beautiful Water. Lots of Sunshine On a Boat.

  • Published on 2020-07-13 03:55:41


    Here's my camera gear used in this video and a lot of things I've bought and personally recommend!

    I spent a day with my girlfriend on one of the spring-fed rivers near my house that are so beautiful. The water is turquoise blue and crystal clear. We took the boat up the river and spent the day swimming and watching Manatee and gators and monkeys (yes, WILD monkeys in Florida!)

    My sexy little blonde girlfriend is a tight little package as you can see and she is really funny too. We always have a great time and laugh so much our faces hurt! :)

    I know this isn't about food and isn't the usual video that I do, but I wanted to share this very personal side of my life with you. I hope you enjoy it!

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    Mariah Milano

    I make cooking videos and travel videos, Sexy Videos Silly videos and sometimes funny videos, and I do restaurant and resort feature videos as well! I have a potty mouth sometimes I can't deny it. I am the real thing...what you see is all you're gonna get. No nonsense role playing here!

    I want to interest you and make your day a bit better... make you laugh and make you hungry and excited for some delicious food and amazing places! I want you to want MORE out of your life! If my videos don't do it for you then you've got more problems than I can help you with!

    I will make sure to put 100% into every video and keep things fresh and entertaining and have some hot n sexy guests from time to time! You don't need another channel because you've found it all in one hot spot!

    Mariah Milano

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    I have been on and around your TV & Computer screen since 1998. If you haven’t seen me then it’s great to meet you and welcome to my channel!

    This channel started out with me doing 1 new cooking show every day! Now it has evolved into cooking as well as travel, restaurant features, resort reviews and personal videos and also funny videos from my life.

    Cooking Videos – I am 100% self-taught when it comes to cooking and simply wanted to share my passion for great food with you! I also wanted to help anyone intimidated by the prospect of cooking and prove that you can make some seriously delicious things that are very easy, even for a beginner!

    Travel & Review/Feature Videos – I have a serious case of wanderlust and have traveled all over the world and I am now sharing my travels with you through my videos!

    Thank you again and Welcome!
    Mariah Milano
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